Who is the murderer is a tale of deteriorating social bonds in the blind race of materialism. The subjects of this tale are social insensitivity, legal complexities and national institutions meant for public welfare but they have become hub of commercialism.

Concept: Musa Javed
Written and directed by: Ahmad Farid
Producer: Muhammad Aamir Rana
Camerapersons: Sana Aziz, Hamza
Editing: Muhammad Akram, Fahad Mirza
Production Manager: Anjum Kamran
Accounts: Hassan Sardar
Technical assistance: Syed Ahmad Shah, Hazrat Bilal, Ghulam Farid
Assistant Producers: Umar Gondal, Talha Saeed Satti
Coordinator: Nida Hayyat, Sara Mir
Make up: Maha Usman


Who is the murderer?

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