Pak Institute for Peace Studies (PIPS) organized a national dialogue in Islamabad on January 26, 2019 on critical issues facing Pakistan. A large number of people including students participated. The dialogue was first of its kind that brought together prominent scholars, political leaders, academicians, and social and political analysts to discuss the following 5 broad themes/questions: the role of religion in the construction of state-society relations; is Pakistan a security state?; is Pakistan’s parliament sovereign?; what determines Pakistan’s relations with its neighbours?; and, is Pakistan suffering from identity crisis? Each of these questions had a sub-set of more questions, which were put before the discussants. On the sidelines of the dialogue, PIPS asked some of the distinguished speakers to provide their candid views on some of the questions. The responses are presented in this Saga video produced by Sabook Syed.


PIPS-led ‘Dialogue Pakistan’ 2019

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